The first step in your digitalisation journey

ADMA TranS4MErs offers you the fast and flexible innovation support you need to start your digital transformation journey and take the next step into becoming a Factory of the Future.

Completing the ADMA TranS4MErs Scan is the best way to start your advanced manufacturing transformation journey.

















The ADMA TranS4MErs SCAN is a questionnaire based on 7 key transformation areas related to the themes of Industry 4.0 and specifically designed to help you assess your business’ digital and advanced manufacturing maturity level.

The SCAN is available on the xChange platform for each registered member of your SME. Collecting feedback from different perspectives at various levels in the company will help your TranS4MEr better assess your needs and plan the next steps of your transformation journey.
You will be asked to answer 22 questions covering the 7 transformation areas and indicate on a scale from 1-5 the current level of implementation of practices and skills to benchmark against the full round Factory of the Future. 
Completing the SCAN takes approximately 15-25 minutes of your time. Just mark your first intuitive answer. The goal is to give a rough indication of your company’s level in each area. 

The 7 Transformation Areas

1) Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
This transformation is based on deploying state-of-the-art manufacturing devices and/or developing own devices for key components in production, thus boasting globally unique machinery.

Learn more about this transformation area here.

2) Digital Factory
This transformation deals with SMEs using digital technology to transform the development of products and/or processes into physical products, systems, or services, and all employees being supported by digital and integrated processes.

Learn more about this transformation area here.

3) ECO Factory
This transformation builds on eco-production, offering companies advantages such as cost reduction, risk reduction in raw material and energy supply, and a company's social responsibility image.

Learn more about this transformation area here.

4) End-to-end Customer Focused Engineering
This transformation deals with using customer expectations as the key driver and starting point for all developments and processes. It also focuses on using a fully integrated, cross-functional, and cross-departmental design approach.  
Learn more about this transformation area here.

5) Human-Centered Organisation
This transformation focuses on Employee involvement as a crucial element in the company's future development. Workers need to be transformed into a group of employees with the autonomy and space to channel their talent, creativity, and initiatives within the context of an innovative organisation.

6) Smart Manufacturing
This transformation can be defined as the combination of the smart use of people's capabilities, the smart use of technology, and the deployment of a (self-) learning production system.  

7) Value Chain-Oriented Open Factory
This transformation sees the entity as part of a self-organising network interlinked to organisations that generate, acquire, and integrate specific knowledge and skills to co-create new solutions, products, and/or technologies.

Learn more about this transformation area here.


The results

One hour after taking the scan, you will get a summary report on the maturity level of your manufacturing entity. Besides your SME’s average maturity score, you will also get a visual of how your company performs in each area compared to the Factory of the Future benchmark and the average scores of other SMEs in the programme who have submitted their SCAN. If you are already matched with your personal advisor, the TranS4MEr, they will also get access to the report.


Next steps

Did you already match with a TranS4MEr and have been granted a Design Voucher? Then your next step will be to evaluate the scan results with your advisor and identify the Transformation area you want to focus on during your digital transformation journey. 
Together, you will create your company’s draft Transformation and Implementation Plan and select services that best match your needs.  
This Plan will be the foundation of your business transformation journey.
To take the next step in your journey and get the most out of your transformation experience, apply for the second phase of the ADMA TranS4MErs Open Call: The Revamp Voucher. You only have to submit your Transformation and Implementation Plan for evaluation. You can receive up to 5000€ to cover the costs of your chosen services with this scheme from the extensive catalogue available on the xChange Platform to put your Plan into action.


Get involved

The 2nd ADMA TranS4MErs Open Call for Design Phase will be launched on 1st April 2023. Take your chance to join the Acceleration Programme and take the first step towards becoming an efficient, resilient, and globally competitive Factory of the Future!
Find out more about the Open Call registration process and vouchers available per country at


Got any questions about the ADMA SCAN? Reach out to our expert Merete Nørby, International Senior Consultant at MADE.