SMART4ALL 3rd Open Call on Cross-domain Technology Transfer Experiments

SMART4ALL invites nominations for its 3rd and last Open Call on CTTE. The Prizes are part of the SMART4ALL programme which is supported by the European Union under Horizon 2020.

About Cross-domain Technology Transfer Experiments (CTTEs) 

Cross-domain Technology Transfer Experiments (CTTEs) are short-term duration (9 months) experiments focusing on one of the four underrepresented in SAE verticals (Digitized Transport, Digitized Agriculture, Digitized Environment and Digitized Anything). CTTEs give the opportunity to form synergies, accelerate product orient projects and offer guidance towards successful commercialization of novel CLEC CPS and the IoT technologies.

SMART4ALL will select 4 Pathfinder Application Experiments (PAEs) following a selective process in this third and last Open Call.


Who can apply for CTTE?

Consortia composed of three different entities from at least two different countries including one Academic/Industrial partner who acts as a Technology Provider of a novel technology, an Industrial partner acting as a Technology Receiver/ early-adopter and one Industrial productization partner to extend the value chain. The partners shall apply together as a consortium through a simple application form.

Consortia can include the following type of applicants:

  • Universities and other Academic Institutions
  • SME and Slightly Bigger Companies

The consortium composition can be as follows:

Consortium composition

Entity 1:

Technology provider

Software Integrators

Entity 2:

Technology Receiver

Entity 3:


Type of entity

Universities and other Academic Institutions

Industrial (SME and Slightly Bigger Companies)

Industrial (SME and Slightly Bigger Companies)

Industrial (SME and Slightly Bigger Companies)


The leading partner must always have an Industrial partner status (SME or Slightly Bigger company).

Additionally, since one of the goals of SMART4ALL is to support the digital transformation in mainly European countries underrepresented in European funding schemes, by means of cross-border experiments, applicants consortia must include at least one member from one of the SEE countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia) or Ukraine (except Greece) to be eligible.

The applicants involved in the consortia can NOT include any SMART4ALL partners.


Financial support

The CTTE partners will apply for financial support by submitting one joint proposal describing the CTTE and its technical plan and a detailed estimation of the CTTE-related costs.

  • Financial support per CTTE

The CTTE experiments will be supported with a lump sum of up to EUR 80,000.

  • Financial support per CTTE partner

Every CTTE partner can receive a maximum financial support of EUR 60,000.

Financial support will be paid out to the leading partner, who will then distribute the funds to the other partners according to the resource distribution set up in the proposal.

Funding limits other European projects

As per European Commission’s rules, financial support will not be awarded to individual legal entities that have already received more than EUR 100,000 via open calls (Financial Support to Third Parties = FSTP = cascade funding) from H2020 I4MS ( and SAE ( projects.

Matchmaking & Partner Service

For seeking organization partners and matchmaking service please visit:

How to Apply?

Guide for Applicants and FAQs are available at SMART4ALL Application Kit (


Link for submitting proposals:

The CTTE proposal submission deadline is January 17th, 2023 at 17:00 CET.


About SMART4ALL project

SMART4ALL is funded by the EU program Horizon 2020 (Grant Agreement No. 872614) and aims to bring together a Digital Innovation Hub across Europe.  It comprises a consortium of 25 partners from 16 countries but aims to reach out many more.

SMART4ALL Digital Innovation Hub builds capacity amongst European stakeholders via the development of selfsustained, cross-border experiments that transfer knowledge and technology between academia and industry. It targets customized low energy computing cyberphysical systems and the IoT and combines a set of unique characteristics that join together under a common vision different cultures, different policies, different geographical areas and different application domains.

You may subscribe at SMART4ALL Newsletter ( for the latest news and announcements of next calls.   

All regional and national organizations that are interested in following up Open Calls for funded experiments should stay tuned either by visiting the website or by following the project on

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