ADMA TranS4MErs services and tools

How to kick-start your unique transformation journey with us

ADMA TranS4MErs is a pan-European project with 38 partners coming together to help SMEs in the advanced manufacturing industry become Factories of the Future. Every SME is unique in its structures, set-up, portfolio, experience, etc. In this rapidly changing world, it might be challenging to know how to strengthen your very own position on the market, how to find suitable partners, and which trends to look out for that are relevant to you. In this project, we want to offer a one-stop shop that has something in store for everyone.

We want to support SMEs on their individual journeys, offer services that are particularly relevant to their prioritized needs and challenges, and kick-start their learning experience.

How do we do that?

Starting in the fall, we will launch an online marketplace (xChange Platform) accessible to SMEs with a wide range of services and tools. These services and tools will be provided by many different service providers all over Europe and entail everything from highly technical hands-on factory tours to sustainability and digitization workshops all the way to one-on-one coaching and networking events. Our experienced and certified TranS4MErs will guide SMEs in picking and choosing what type of tools and services serve their need the best.

Why with a TranS4MEr?

We strongly believe that offering SMEs a marketplace for many different offerings is impressive but can be quite overwhelming for an individual. There are so many options to choose from, and we want to ensure that you as an SME choose the most relevant and valuable services that fit you and your needs in particular. That’s what the TranS4Mer will do. They will navigate the space of all the offerings and find the best fit for you.

How does it work exactly?

1st open call: In an open call, SMEs can apply for one innovation voucher for their personal one-on-one support from a certified TranS4MEr and design and implement their business Transformation Plan, specifically tailored to their business needs and priorities. In this process, the TranS4MEr will support the SME in picking and choosing relevant services and tools from our extensive catalogue.

2nd open call: In a follow-up call, SMEs can apply for additional innovation vouchers. Once the SMEs have been selected, they will receive several vouchers which they can use to take advantage of the services and tools available through the platform in our catalogue. With the suggestions given by the TranS4MEr previously, the SME will be able to navigate more confidently through the different service offerings. There will be a stock of services that can be used with the vouchers as well as other services and tools outside of the voucher scheme because we do not want to limit the SME on specific services but want to show them what kinds of services and tools the market has to offer. Again: we aim to become a one-stop shop for SMEs. As diverse as these offerings are, they all have one thing in common: They all aim to support SMEs on their individual transformation journeys.


Be on the lookout for the publication of our first open call, and do not miss the chance to have a dedicated TranS4MEr by your side and win a range of services handpicked for you!