ADMA Re-energized

Our story

ADMA TranS4MErs builds on the efforts of the European ADvanced MAnufacturing Support Centre (ADMA), an EU project launched in 2018 with the main goal of anchoring a future-proof and sustainable Manufacturing industry in Europe.

Over its three-years lifetime, ADMA helped more than 100 SMEs in 12 European countries adapt advanced manufacturing solutions and social innovation strategies and become next-generation factories with more competitive, modern, and sustainable production.

Thanks to its holistic approach and methodology addressing both technology-oriented and non-technological transformation areas, the ADMA consortium successfully guided all types of manufacturing companies and SMEs, from limestone quarries to coffee makers, and regional innovation ecosystems across Europe through their transformation journey.


SME professionals performed the ADMA scan


Learning network events took place, connecting more than 200 participants


Companies received a fully customised ADMA Transformation Plan

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ADMA Inspirational Booklet
to learn more about the results achieved by the ADMA project. 

And this is where our past and our present meet. 

Driven by the success of the ADMA project, ADMA TranS4Mers
re-energises and amplifies the ADMA efforts to support ambitious and innovative SMEs in their transformation journey.

ADMA TranS4MErs was launched in October 2021 with the ambition to drive the transformation of European manufacturing SMEs into Factories of the Future embracing present ecological, digital, and societal challenges. 
ADMA TranS4MErs 



We tailor our methods and tools to enable each region to identify its own competitive advantages.


We strengthen the connections between digital and green policy objectives by supporting ambitious innovation.


We promote network opportunities amongst initiatives and stakeholders across the whole value chain.


We foster investments in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, digital and advanced manufacturing.